Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applying For A Lease

Why shouldn't I buy a car?
Buying a car requires a big financial commitment from you. The monthly payment includes a profit margin for the finance companies, plus a huge balloon payment and insurance costs. You'll then become responsible for every aspect of the car, which is an added burden in your busy life. When you're ready to sell, you'll need to find a buyer or take a heavy hit on trade-in. With a lease model, you make a much shorter commitment and you can always drive the latest vehicles, depending on your needs at the time.
What are the requirements?
You must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver's license. You must be currently employed and be earning a salary of more than R20,000 per month. You need to pay a deposit of R5,000.
What if I have a bad credit rating?
We gladly accept applications from all customers. We will evaluate each application, and let you know the outcome within the same day, where possible.
Is insurance included?
Super Waivers are included and are superior to traditional insurance. Your liability amount is limited in the event of a claim.
Are additional drivers allowed?
No, only the driver specified in the lease may drive the vehicle.
Must I be a South African citizen?
We welcome international applications. A passport and an internationally accepted driver's license must be provided.
How long can I lease for?
You choose either a 3-month or 6-month lease. The vehicle will be returned at the end of the lease, and if you would like to extend, you will likely be given a different vehicle. We endeavour to provide only low-mileage vehicles to our customers.
Are baby seats available?
Unfortunately not. Please make arrangement for your own baby seats. Our vehicles come equipped with standard baby seat attachment points.

Before The Lease

Where will I collect the vehicle?
Vehicles will be collected from our main depots. Please contact us to arrange collection.
Is there are a vehicle inspection?
Yes. Our staff will inspect the vehicle in detail with you, before and after the lease period.

During The Lease

Who pays for petrol/diesel?
We have an empty to empty fuel policy. You will receive a near-empty tank and you have no obligation to return the vehicle with any fuel. Any fuel left in the tank will not be credited back to you. All fuel costs will be paid by the driver on their own account.
What if I use up my free KMs?
Free kilometres are assigned monthly as specified in your contract. Once you use them up, you will pay a per-km rate as specified in your contract. This charge is billed to you on a monthly basis.
Are there other charges?
The package includes all vehicle-related costs such as insurance and maintenance. You will be billed for ad hoc expenses incurred by yourself, such as tolls, traffic fines and excess in the case of accidents or damage, along with a handling fee.
What about tolls and fines?
Tolls and fines are automatically forwarded to our office and will be added to your bill. A handling fee is included. You are welcome to query these charges with our support team.
Is cross-border travel allowed?
Cross-border travel is only allowed if agreed to ahead of the lease agreement being signed. The reasons must be established and agreed to, and we will provide the supporting documentation to assist you at the borders.
What if I damage the vehicle?
Please inform us immediately of all misfortunes - our 24/7 control room is ready to assist (0820444508). You need to report accidents to the SAPS within 48 hours. You will need to tow the vehicle back to us if necessary.
* You will be required to complete a motor incident report, with comprehensive details regarding the incident, including all details of any third party involved if applicable. Minor damage to the vehicle must be reported to us when the vehicle is dropped off.
* The vehicle will be sent to an approved panel beater or dealer workshop for assessment and repairs. Upon completion of the claim, you will be invoiced according to the excess liability contracted to, as well as a claim administration fee.
* Additional fees such as towing and assessment fees may also be levied. The payment method will be the one stipulated at the start of the rental, unless otherwise specified.
Is there emergency assistance?
We can assist you for free in the case of breakdowns and punctures.
What if I'm not happy with the car?
We will discuss the issues with you and see if we can find a remedy, otherwise we'll provide a replacement.
What about routine services?
We will liaise with you when a standard service is coming up.
Must I maintain the car?
You are expected to check standard levels such as oil, water, brake fluid and tire pressure once a week. The car should be kept reasonably clean. All other maintenance is included for free in the package.
Can I go off-road?
No, the vehicles must be maintained in reasonable condition and going off-road incurs too much risk. If you visit game reserves, please stick to the main routes.

Billing & Payment

When do I pay?
You pay at the beginning of each 30-day cycle.
What are the payment options?
We accept payment by credit and debit cards and bank transfers.
What if I can't make payment?
We will recover the car within 24 hours of non-payment, at a cost of R5000 to the customer.

At The End Of The Lease

Can I extend a lease?
You are welcome to continue leasing with us. This will take the form of a new contract, not an extension. You may be given a different vehicle, as we endeavour to provide only low-mileage vehicles to our customers.
What happens at the end of the lease?
Our staff will inspect the vehicle in detail with you, noting any changes in condition from the first inspection.
* A digital inspection form is filled out which documents the kilometres travelled and any damage to the vehicle (if applicable).
* A copy of the inspection form is always emailed to you so that you can verify.
* Any additional damage found on the vehicle will be invoiced to you.
Can I drop off the vehicle in a different city?
Unfortunately not. Please contact us to arrange drop-off of the vehicle.

Earn Cash From Referrals

Is there a cash reward for referring friends?
Absolutely. We will set up a unique link for you and you just forward it to your friends and family. Every time someone completes an application and collects a car, we deposit a cash reward straight in your bank account. Simply register a free account to obtain your link.